Little One

Little girl you are young and naive
so sit down and let me tell you
the things I was never told

Little boy you think you are right
it’s not your fault this is how you think
but you can change how you view the world

Little girl I’ll change your views
by informing you instead of forcing you
and letting you think on your own

Little boy please calm down
your tantrums will get you no where
especially when you want to cause a fight

Little girl rethink your words
you don’t realise how damaging they can actually be
because you’re lucky enough not to know

Little boy don’t follow the pack
you weren’t born to hate on this planet
grow as the world grows around you

Little girl you have better things to focus on
your mind is a master piece
which shouldn’t be wasted on ruining happiness

Little boy open your ears
and all your other senses
the world is not as small as you think

Little one you are not just the future of the world
You are the now
So it should be now that you start to make a change
Because a little goes a long way
And we all have a long way to go


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