Happy Five-Year-A-Blog-Aversary

A notification pops up on my phone to remind me of this day five years ago

When a stressed teenager overthought so much that She had to tell the world

And the world listened

To each blog post overflowing with passion and built up energy

That was released after a day of school or a day of college

Or even now, a day of work

Where she is now I

And I struggle to remember a language that once seemed so natural

That flowed from my fingertips

Instead of being filled with cliches

Which are all that come to mind right now

Embarrassingly misspelling words

Misusing phrases

Double checking with google if something means what I think it does

Overthinking it all so much that I just want it to stop


But I think of Her

Feeling alone

All those years ago

Inserting Herself into a world she knew nothing about

Coming out the other end

With people who understood

Who finally could understand Her

And all Her thoughts

Laid out on one page where being vulnerable was never bad

Even five years later

When She returns

I still feel right at home


Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 01.28.50.png



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