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Irish, Writer, Poet, INTJ, Blogger, Dreamer, Eimear.
I kind of just document my life here.
All comments, likes, and follows are appreciated and encouraged!

Email:                eimzpink@gmail.com

Tumblr:             eimzpink.tumblr.com
YouTube:          youtube.com/user/EimzPink
Twitter:             twitter.com/EimzPink
Instagram:        instagram.com/eimzpink
Pinterest:          pinterest.com/eimzpink

Shortlisted        Irish Blog Awards 2013-2016
Finalist              Irish Blog Awards 2014
Finalist              Swipe Festival 2014
Finalist              Midough 2014



101 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Eimear!

    Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog. I love your blog’s background. Also, the way you post your thoughts here is just really refreshing to read. Hoping to read more from you soon,


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