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blogging 101

My blog is chaotic. Yet, people still read it. Sometimes I even get emails asking me how to be successful on WordPress. My usual answer is “wing it and do what you want” because that’s been my tactic so far. But looking back on almost 3 years, I’ve picked up a few hints and tips along the way. So here it how to get noticed on WordPress from someone who doesn’t know much, but knows enough resulting in you reading this! Or “How to blog”.


I cannot stress how important tags are. When you write up a post, a box is there to the left labeled “Tags and Categories” where you can type in words (followed by “,”). People can then search for that word and find you! For example, the most frequent tags I use are “teenager”, “personal”, “2015” and then what ever I’m writing about; “Poem” / “Rant” etc. Trust me, tags are your best friend. Use them well.


By comments I mean comment on other blogs. This gets you connected and talking with other people trying to achieve the same goal. I would never see other bloggers as ‘competition’, but rather ‘virtual pen pals’ (hence my header!). So get connected by talking and discussing blog posts. If you like a blog post say so. If you found something interesting say so. If you just want to chat to a blog which has a similar topic to yours, then just get in touch. You will make new friends, learn new skills and have a happier blogging experience!


Ok, so I may be a hypocrite on this one. The idea of having a blog is that you have one topic, and people like to keep up with that topic. So if you’re in a genre you have to stand out to be the best. This could be beauty, poetry, photography etc. The more similiar style of writing you have will attract the views as people like to frequently check back on something they liked before. When they check back to see something completely different, they don’t like it too much. I do not have a set topic. Therefore I have a very mixed reaction to different posts. Poetry posts get likes from poets, who (generally) aren’t interested in anything else on my page, like what I ate or how to do hair etc. But if you stick to one topic on your blog, it’s much easier than going the hard route like I did!


If it’s one thing to get the hang of quickly on this site, it is adding an image to your post. Never underestimate the power of getting someone to click on your post because of a witty/cute/relatable image which accompanied it. It gives the reader an idea of what your post is going to be about rather than just looking at a chunk of writing. Layout is important, and adding an image to your post just helps it that bit extra.


Be relatable. Be happy. Be writing about something you want to write about, because that is what you are best at. Don’t do it for views, don’t do it for likes. Do it because it’s fun! Write a blog you would like to read. And be original. Too many times I’ve seen “I’m just an average teenage girl who wants to remain anonymous” and then gives up a week later. Your blog has so much potential. So make the most out of it and don’t be afraid to be bold, original or new!

I am in no way qualified to tell anyone how to run a blog, and these tips might not even work for you. These are just little things which has helped me along. I’d be happy to offer my experience to anyone interested and happily answer questions about anything on WordPress! There’s no such thing as a silly question! Anyway, here are a few inspirational photos which usually help me with my writers block!


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Still an innocent

Through the innocent eyes
Of a wide eyed child
Everything is wonderful and fun

No cares or burdens
Which consume all her thoughts
Just happiness, glitter and sun

I felt like her
For a long long time
So I understand her perspective

Oblivious to war
And hatred and unkindness
With no self hating objective

It was like a looking glass
From a decade ago
When I used to have one myself

To admire my hair
And fix my lip gloss
But now abandoned on my shelf

She has the same inspirations
And the same women idols
And the same love for pink

But years have come
And years have gone
She’s the first one to make me think

It was fun being a grown up
Surrounded by liquids, regret and smoke
But this is the person I never wanted to be

This is not the person I wanted her to be
Even though those bright wide eyes
Were solely focused on me

I had shame and embarrassment
When I saw the girl who complimented my curls
Before showing me her matching flower crown

I made a silent pact that day
I wasn’t going to let her
Or the looking glass down



164 had a bright purple door
With a striped cat standing guard
Coffee stained handles greeted the way
To an apartment with an ascending spiral staircase

A shelving unit stood tall
With three different separate compartments
Photo albums, diaries and books
All of them touched and cherished

Two mud grey bikes blocked the fireplace
With a trail leading up behind it
Cat food placed at the end of the table
With a curious looking Betty with green eyes

The wooden floors could tell it’s stories
With it’s stains and it’s cracks and it’s dents
The couch corner near there was cosy
Which explained the empty box of chocolates

The kitchen was used
With almost spoilt milk and wedding cake crumbs
Lipstick stained mugs aligned the mason jars
Next to the life schedule hanging on the wall

The stair case led up to a master bedroom
With mirrors and green wardrobe doors
Chargers and shoes paralleled with the bed
There was no sign of mess, just life

It was like interrupting mid plot
To a story which wasn’t mine
But I’m guilty of stealing a book
From the creators paradise I dreamed of

Lived in by two loving souls
With big hearts and big smiles
And who are not greedy for anything more
Than 164 with a bright purple door


Today, Ireland had glorious sunshine! (Thank you Leaving Cert Exam weather!)
After spending all say outside reading, eating and wining with my dad, I tried to work on my tan. I’m still pale skinned so far, but there’s always tomorrow. . . right?

However, we, and by we…I mean me roping my dad into doing something…decided to make an exfoliating scrub.
(Yes, this is where DIWHY becomes relevant)

So we found granulated salt, put it in a bowl, poured in some olive oil and squeezed a lemon into it. Then after mixing it for a bit the scrub formed! (Like, kinda)

So after I used it on my legs and rinsed it off I made my whole family feel how smooth my legs were!

Things I learned from doing this:

1. There’s a reason why I’m not a DIY/Beauty Blogger
2. Sea salt goes EVERYWHERE
3. Use more oil to make sure that sea salt does not go EVERYWHERE
4. My dad tolerates me a lot, even when I waste most of his salt
5. My legs are now smooth
6. Using lemon causes the kitchen to smell like lemons

Here is a photo of some left overs I had in a plastic bag
(Lets not dwell on presentation…ok? cool)

I can’t really explain this post….

It’s somebodies home but it will never be mine

I always dreamed of being a city girl. Like Carrie Bradshaw in a penthouse apartment who fills my day up with writing and shopping. 

I’m currently visiting my aunt in a city. Through out the year I’ve learned that I’m not a city person. It’s like when you’re playing out in the snow. It’s all fun and adventure in the winter wonderland, but when you return inside to take off your boots and get a hot chocolate beside the fire. Cities are snow, and my countryside is the warm hug you receive when you come home.

My aunt has a friend visiting from Africa, so we took him on a scenic tour of Dublin city. What made the trip so memorable was our visit to Howth. This man had never been to the sea side. He’s never touched sand or felt sea weed. And I suddenly had a newfound appreciation for the country roads that raised me.

He was so excited to learn about everything I took for granted.
What is a tide?
How do cliffs form?
Why is sand different colours?
What does the moon have to do with it all?

Teaching has never been my calling, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit of joy teaching him about the land I grew up with.

I have always had possessive side over “my” land. But I learned that you can relive the happiness through someone else’s eyes. And maybe that isn’t so bad.

I’ll never be the city girl I dreamed of once being, and maybe that isn’t so bad either.


Over Exposed

There’s a certain loneliness to owning a secret monster
because at first people refuse to believe it is true
that it’s just a myth
never going to occur
until it actually does

the townspeople go running
the brave ones try to fight it
the intelligent ones try to study it
because monsters only cause destruction
after exposure comes deterioration
and suddenly the monster is not a myth
and people are genuinely scared
so like any creator
You try to redeem yourself
but once the path has holes
it can never be fully filled in
and people have terror on their face

what if the words I wrote weren’t mine
or anyones at all
what if there was a piece of me I never wanted to come out
the voice who thinks and says things it shouldn’t
and are aware it shouldn’t

that feeling of total exposure is terrifying
with the monster being fed and growing
all out of my control
so soon my words will be trampled upon
by the creation that was never meant to erupt
because it’s not happy
it’s not the image built up
after years and years of trying
to not be overwhelming
or sickening
but instead; comforting
and people don’t know what to believe
and to change this image would be to change You

except it wouldn’t
it would be exposing me

because the wall which was built up for safety
has crumbled down
and this monster is encouraged to roam and be itself
which I’m not happy with
after so much work why is it fair to throw it all away?

so the walls are going to be built up
the moods are going to stop
the words are going to brighten
the smiles are going to be constant
and the monster will be hidden
because to give so much of yourself to a person is terrifying
and unthinkable
and unwanted
You can never trust a face
but to gain trust off the vulnerable is easy with a simple smile

a comforting smile

because everyone wants a listener
no one really wants a talker
so to listen would be to make someone else happy
even if the monster disagrees
even if the monster knows the falseness which is happening
even if the monster knows you’re wrong
because in the end
a person cannot be so split that they hate themselves

their true selves that is

but then why do so many people try to change themselves?
words should just flow
not contained
not corrupted
but content
but the monster still goes behind bars
the path gets filled in
the people get left behind
the ears open
the mouth closes
the mind still wanders

but You can miss the monster
because of the comfort of it
even if it is what’s best
as too many people have seen too much monster
which could only grow
so it may be best to forget it happened
and convince everyone that it was just a myth
and they imagined it

nobody likes a monster
nobody likes a non listener



It’s been a while since I’ve posted something positive on this blog and today I’m here to change this! On the 23rd of May 2015, I was happy.

1. I woke up to clear blue skies and got to eat breakfast outside with a healthy breakfast, green tea and a book!

2. Ireland voted YES to marriage equality! And I was a part of it all because my vote counted!

3. I spent the day with one of my favourite people and we had chinese food take away! (It didn’t look like this, but I took no photos. Thanks google images.)

4. Sweden won the Eurovision!

5. I was productive in writing today, and reached a new milestone in followers!
computer_animals (16)

I am a very proud and happy person today!
I never really believed before that it was the small things in life that complete your happiness. But I guess something as exciting as eating breakfast outside can start off a tremendously happy day. After stress all through out the year, I can finally take in a deep breath, breath, and not lie when I say I’m 100% happy.