Pathetically Fallace

I don’t know why people complain

I kinda missed the rain

The soothing effect of drops

As they land all around you

With a soft thump

Multiplied by a million more

I missed snuggling up

And curling in blankets

Consuming the warmth

Rather than letting it consume me

In the wave of dead heat

Foreign lands have the sun

And all the delicacy delights

Which is all fantastic

But the comfort of seeing dark skies upon arrival is indescribable

The heat was too much

The time was too much

And although it was a good time

I’m okay to be back

In my own bed

Listening to the drops

Which are almost melodic

Until tomorrow morning comes

When I have to step out in that rain

After leaving my bed fort of comfort

And then I’ll be wishing for sun

As I get shelter from an overgrown tree

But right here

Right now

I’ll let the storm be

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