Hello YOLO generation

Dear my generation,
Stop being rude and drinking underage.
Sincerely, well everybody else.

My angry noise.
But in all seriousness….what happened to young people? And this is coming from one. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have the group of friends that I do, I’d most likely be in with the ‘wrong’ crowd, lets say, drinking and harassing the public. Maybe it’s something to do with my parents working with troubled young people, or constantly being around my older sister and cousin growing up, or maybe it’s common sense but I’m pretty sure I haven’t screwed up my life. Well…..certain aspects of my life.
I’m going to say something that was said before me by many wise people: YOLO is not an excuse for any one to be a reckless little slut. That applies to guys too, I just thought a quote from “Mamma Mia” was suitable. I know the content of what I’m saying here has been said many times before but this is from an actual young persons mind. And as much as I agree with other people who say this, personally I don’t think they have a right to. I mean come on, anyone can judge someone else. But labelling my generation as the ‘YOLO’ generation is an insult to me. Why do people want to grow up so fast? If I had it my way I’d still be colouring unicorns and giraffes in school. But no, suddenly you’re 14 and picking your leaving certificate subjects. Then your 15, one year away from the actual leaving cert. Which moves on to 16 picking the course you’re doing in college. Eventually 17 comes and you’re sitting probably the most hyped up exam in Ireland today. Then you’re 18 in college and then suddenly realising- my choices now are different to what I thought about when I was 14. Damn.
Pressure! A lán brú ar ná daoine óga!
Along with these decisions, we’re making decisions that would have never crossed our parents mind at that time in their life. I actually know some 14 year olds who go to actual night clubs. These are the same 14 year olds deciding their future? Wait now….something’s not right there….
Then there’s the ‘ditch drinkers’ who literally do what it says on the tin and illegally drink on the sides of the roads. It’s horrible, disgusting, and wrong.
Another experience I had with this generation actually happened today. My friend and I were sent on an errand for our teacher- sweet, we get to miss class. So off we go down to the end of the corridor, which has a geography room, a prayer room, and a career guidance room. Outside the geography room, a class were waiting outside. Since I didn’t do transition year, these were the class one year below me. But probably my age considering I’m actually quite young for my year. So since they were being loud, the teacher came out and told them to be quiet. Three times. And I’ve been through this for the past three years. I’m sorry, but it’s not possible for 30 girls to be quiet unsupervised. But what surprised me most was when the teacher came out a fourth time and one girl had the nerve to say basically why should we keep quiet if you’re making us wait ten minutes for you to finish with your class. I thought it was disgraceful, and so did my friend. We both stood there dumbfounded that she actually said it. Of course we’d all be thinking it, but one doesn’t say it out loud to a working teacher, right? Obviously the year below me didn’t get that memo.
Another thing I’ve encountered the in the past week was the amount of people on my newsfeed complaining on valentines day that they’d be ‘forever alone’ -some of these being 12 year olds. I’ve never had a ‘valentine’ and I don’t give a damn. Youth dating where I’m from completely grosses me out. It’s not ‘cute’ or ‘sweet’ it’s literally “shift and drift”. Not my style, thank you very much.
So maybe I’ll continue this but these are a few reasons why I currently dislike some of my own generation.


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