Cyberbullying from a teens opinion.

Cyber bullying.
What comes into your mind when you hear this term? Scary. Violent. Girls. Internet. Anonymous. Mental.
For me it’s stupidity. Absolute stupidity.
Today, my school had a guest speaker in to speak about cyber bullying and all to do with it. He actually was really funny, and an amazing public speaker.
But we were told the same things for like the one hundredth time. The usuals, you know? Don’t friend people you don’t know, set your account on private, don’t reveal information etc etc.
But personally, I find it so annoying that the Internet is now viewed as this scary place of unknown for people who aren’t taking advantage of it.
To me, most cases of cyber bulling could be easily stopped.
1. Don’t let your preteen go on Facebook. Hey, all their friends might be on but it’s not like they’re missing much. And I know what your thinking- sure Facebook isn’t the only bad sight. But if you think about it, Facebook is basically the stepping stone into a land where people can share whatever they like. You can ‘like’ pages then the owners of those pages can bring you other sights and stuff. So basically Facebook to kids not in secondary school is a big no no in my opinion.
2. NEVER EVER REPLY. As much as I hate to admit, I fell into this trap like two years ago and ended up having this huge cyber fight which upset me greatly, only to go back to school and the girl either blanks me or pretended nothing happened. Then I’d go home again and BOOM the cycle continues. Confrontation is the key. Would this person say this to your face? What would their reaction be? Texting’s fine and all but not for this kind of thing.
3. Ok, I don’t know if this classifies as a reason but I know a girl who is annoyingly attention seeking with her ‘bullying’. I’m sorry if this sounds insensitive but if you knew her you’d understand. This girl hangs around with my group as she has no other friends. And this isn’t out of meanness. It’s because she complains about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. And made a HUGE deal out of someone asking something on her ASK.FM. She would purposely go up to innocent people and accuse them for something they didn’t do. Then complain to my group about how the other person didn’t own up. And this annoys me! I’m a peace keeper and I hate it when this happens. And there was total drama going on with her and she STILL wouldn’t delete her ask sight because she purposely wanted to get more people in trouble. Her words, not mine. So there’s a solution…DELETE YOUR SITE.
4. If someone tells you they’re being cyber bullied, ignore their wishes and tell someone who can help. Sure they’re mad at you and might never speak to or trust you again, but I’d take that knowing my friend is safe over constantly worrying about them any day.
So I mightn’t of had the most experience with personal cyber bullying (thank gawd) but what truly annoys me is adults being scared of the Internet because they hear all these stories about bullying, and cutting, and suicide.
I’m addicted to YouTube. I’m always watching people and I always will. Hand on my heart I can say that the people I’ve watched have saved me in more ways people I know ever could. Maybe it’s the sad truth to you, but to me it’s a haven of happiness where you can press the reply button as many times as you like. I’ve had ‘YouTubers’ show me the world! Brought me to places I probably wouldn’t have heard of! Taught me how to improve skills! Showed me the happiness of working hard! Got me interested in new hobbies! Kept me up on current affairs! And most importantly, taught me I’m not, and never will be, alone. You can look up ANYTHING and I assure you someone will have already been through what’s happening to you.
So don’t get me wrong, if all you’ve taken from this is I’m an Internet obsessed teen with no sympathy for people going through hard times you’ve totally missed my whole point.
Ending your life’s never an option.
Cutting yourself is never a solution.
It should never be thought of from anyone but I personally have no idea what else to say. I have no idea what’s going on on that persons mind, so how do I have a right to criticise?
I don’t.
Neither do you.
Cyber bullying. What do you think when you hear this word now?


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