Happy 2-Year-A-Versary

Two whole years and I finally stuck to something!
It’s that time of year where I become all sentimental about putting my whole life online.
From the very start, to one year, to now. . . it all seems so surreal.

I’ve always tried to keep a journal, but then I start a new one, or forget about it etc etc *insert excuse here*. But it’s amazing to type in a simple URL and BOOM. . . there’s my past two years. Two years complete with drama, stress, videos, leaving cert, friends, and poetry (surprisingly).

I’ve talked to some amazing people here, and got to connect with so many individuals that are all so talented. With a few blog awards up my sleeve also!

It seems like my little haven of procrastination has grown into something that I’ve developed into my little comfort space on the internet. Despite the fact it’s open to the public eye.

My blog has developed me, as a person. It helped me to realise how much I actually enjoy writing, and how I can pursue it without having to do a degree in it.

So maybe I’ll keep this as a hobby, or maybe I’ll take it a bit further. But all I know if the next two years are as successful as my last two, then I don’t think I could be happier!


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