In the calm

​Greeted by a wave
In a midst of a hurricane
The feelings came back
Flooding back
Light striking
Fading black
Earth shaking
Tree breaking
Feel as if the world is making
When nothing seemed real
Rawness was a type of shield
Swallowed up
Or everything
Left it blunt and dull
When all I ever wanted
Was to finally feel full


Immortalised Memories

One of my favourite stories growing up was one that my aunt told me.
I come from a big family of twelve(ish) aunts and uncles and uncountable extended family members. My mum is ranked as the youngest girl, and I’m her youngest.
My aunt Mary is the oldest girl in the family, with two of my uncles before her. Despite the age gap my mum would consider her one of her siblings she’s most close to.
I never got to meet my grandparents, but my favourite story of Mary’s is one she told of them when she was born.
My granddad had just had his first pint after the birth of his first daughter. Chuffed at himself, he sipped away happily and content on his own.

One of the locals came in and said to my granddad:
“Ah Brendan, I just saw your two sons on the way here”
Without batting an eye, my granddad replied:
“Yes. But have you seen my daughter?”

The way my aunt tells it just almost transports me back in time. It’s a story that I genuinely would never get tired of hearing as it brings me a feeling of closeness to the grandparents I never had the privilege of meeting.


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The year we found ourselves

The year we found ourselves
My eyes were open
My heart was strong
And I was happy

The summer air
Made it easy to breathe
Filling each moment
With sunshine and happiness

The darkest cloud
Could not prevent
The radiating happiness
In everyone around us

I never knew I was so young in the world
And my eyes were opened again
The year we found ourselves
Was really the year we found each other


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Pinterest Appreciation

I never really realised how much I used Pinterest until I started recommending it to people. Originally, I was only on it to follow people and get photos. However, somehow it has become one of my favourite apps. It became my sort of “wind down app” before bed.. if that makes sense.

I don’t have the pressure of being “online” like facebook, nor do I have to engage in much like tumblr or youtube. But on Pinterest, I can just scroll and save pretty things. It’s nice.

Recently, I’ve been trying to pay attention to my nutrition intake and my pinterest board had helped me by just being able to refer to it.

It is also filled with endless writing prompts... which is pretty fun.

One day in class my teacher asked who used Pinterest, and no one put their hand up. It was a majority male class so I didn’t want to be the only one to admit to even knowing what this website was. But I’m not ashamed!

Pinterest appreciation! 


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I’m sick of writing metaphors

I’m sick of writing metaphors
Cryptic thoughts have never been my strong point
The frustration of my reader not exactly knowing my reasons
Outweighs the feeling I have to keep my thoughts hidden
I know it works for other writers
But I never thought it worked for me

When I write about the sky I write about the stars and the galaxy
Not about the galaxy in my head
The ocean comes and goes just like my breath but I’d rather write about the sounds I hear on the beach
I could stick numerous amounts of detailed, eloquent, or revealing words to convey and reveal my vivid thoughts

But I don’t want to

Never have I thought it bothered me but I miss being

Poetry is like dessert to me
Enticing and exciting
But should not be with every meal

My thoughts are my meals
Presentation is not the most important element
But as long as it is there
And tastes satisfactory
Then I’m happy
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164 had a bright purple door
With a striped cat standing guard
Coffee stained handles greeted the way
To an apartment with an ascending spiral staircase

A shelving unit stood tall
With three different separate compartments
Photo albums, diaries and books
All of them touched and cherished

Two mud grey bikes blocked the fireplace
With a trail leading up behind it
Cat food placed at the end of the table
With a curious looking Betty with green eyes

The wooden floors could tell it’s stories
With it’s stains and it’s cracks and it’s dents
The couch corner near there was cosy
Which explained the empty box of chocolates

The kitchen was used
With almost spoilt milk and wedding cake crumbs
Lipstick stained mugs aligned the mason jars
Next to the life schedule hanging on the wall

The stair case led up to a master bedroom
With mirrors and green wardrobe doors
Chargers and shoes paralleled with the bed
There was no sign of mess, just life

It was like interrupting mid plot
To a story which wasn’t mine
But I’m guilty of stealing a book
From the creators paradise I dreamed of

Lived in by two loving souls
With big hearts and big smiles
And who are not greedy for anything more
Than 164 with a bright purple door

A New Milestone!

Ok, so I’ve officially reached a personal milestone of followers of my blog! (*celebration noises*). And I’ve now decided I’m going to do a schedule for myself, just for a lil challenge. Usually, I write some ramblings at 3am and post it and wake up with notifications on any day, but I now want to make a schedule we can all look forward to!

All my times and dates are in GMT, which is Irish time to me.

I’m planning on every Sunday morning at 12pm to have a topical blog post. Along with this, I’m going to have a mid-week ponder. Probably Wednesdays at 10pm, and I’ll discuss the 3am thoughts. Also on Fridays I’m going to show you all something creative I’ve done in the past week, or more than likely, a YouTube recommendation! I’ll hopefully get to start this in the upcoming week…

I’m excited for this, as it is a new approach to my blog.

I’m also starting a more personal blog on my 17th birthday so stay tuned for that around the end of April!

I’d like to give a huge thank you to all who’ve supported me and I want to give a few shout outs to some friends I’ve made here!






Check any of them out as they’re all amazing and inspiring people!