Maybe One Day

Maybe if I don’t go to sleep tonight
Tomorrow won’t come
I won’t have to think of what will happen
Despite willing what I want to happen

My fear will leave
The sun will shine
But I keep waiting
For the moments to pass

I’ll stay awake
Until I can
Staying safe
From all the things I’m thinking about


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(P.S. I accidentally published the wrong draft today lol soz email readers)


I wish I could do more

Each moment that I can
I’ll give you my everything

Without hesitating
Or being asked
I’ll do the dishes
Or hoover somewhere

If it saves you a moment
That you’ll choose
To put into something else
Probably to help me

I wish I could give you more
Because you have given me everything
Without ever asking
Or asking for appreciation

I’ll try to help
But it will never be enough
To thank you for everything


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I Told You So

Big shot
Big man
Cannot be controlled

Big man
Big shot
Could have been told

From wise people
With wise words to say
No one understood
Why he went his own way

Instead of admitting defeat
Placed everyone below
But can never ignore
The “I told you so”


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I can’t wait to meet you when we’re older
To have you look in my eye and realise
How insignificant
Everything you did was

I’ll forgive you in an instant but I don’t think you know that
You stopped wanting to get to know me
Now the four years we knew each other
Is outweighed by the four that we don’t

I liked your first four years
It was the fifth I had a problem with
But if someone can change in four years
Maybe they can change back in another four

I hope we make eye contact
I hope it all comes back to you
I hope we can reminisce on the first four years
And just forget about the other four

I really can’t wait to meet you when we’re older


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You never knew why you were never my friend
I could spot your inner you
Clouded by an aura that enticed people to you
Confident vibes given off
But I only ever saw you as mean

I know you tried to get close
I know you know I didn’t want to

Very subtle ways
That you weren’t used to
Trying to shake off the feeling
Of not being liked for the first time

You never impressed me
Much to your dismay
Of using big words
So others would deem you important

But big words are viscous
Laughing at those who didn’t know
Bluffing their way to get your affection

I know what it’s like to be attracted to a personality
Letting go of all gut instinct
Unintentionally being passive and naive
Vulnerable to be taken advantage of
I never knew how people felt that way for you

I watched how you acknowledged that power
And liked it too much

I’ve never been your friend
I’ve never told you why
Keeping my head above the water
Before I get attacked
By your viscous words
Or people pleasers who would believe anything
Just because you told them to


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Small Town

Hello to my small town
To the hills and the beach
That always made me feel home

The familiar smells bring me back
To spaghetti for dinner
And dinner for six

Days filled with swimming and poker
Using cookies for chips
And bluffing our way to win

With a marching band
Parading itself in the wide open community field
Rightfully taking pride in their hard work

I’ve grown up with people
Who grew up with my grandparents
Telling me stories about them

Hello to my small town
Where I discover more of myself
With each cherished visit


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There comes a time
When the stars align
And the world is fast asleep

Noises fade
Masks comes off
Nothing left to keep

The moon comes out
The sun is south
And darkness fills the air

Burdens are lifted
Worries are shifted
All is calm and fair


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