In the calm

​Greeted by a wave
In a midst of a hurricane
The feelings came back
Flooding back
Light striking
Fading black
Earth shaking
Tree breaking
Feel as if the world is making
When nothing seemed real
Rawness was a type of shield
Swallowed up
Or everything
Left it blunt and dull
When all I ever wanted
Was to finally feel full


POT list

We’ve a newly discovered gas leak in the house today. Which meant we had no electricity for a few hours. After every digital device I owned ran out of battery, I decided to clean out my room. But, as usual, I got bored. However, while rooting through some of my school work I found a lone sheet of paper. After looking at it, I remembered what it was.

Each year my school has a “P.O.T.” week. (I know what you’re thinking, no my school does not support drugs). It stands for Positive Optimistic Thinking week. Anyway, one of the days each year you have to rip out a sheet of paper from your copy of whatever class you’re in at that time and sign your name on top. This gets passed around the classroom and people have to write “positive optimistic” comments about you. And you can’t keep track of who said what as you’re so overwhelmed with sheets being passed to you. Eventually, your sheet returns to you with anonymous comments. Please note that I’ve taken everything word for word, so the grammar mistakes are not mine 😉
This was my list:
1. Absolutely  hilarious and so lovely 🙂 very pretty too and always nice to everyone.
*This was one of my good friends, who I so happened to be sitting beside.
2. Really nice person, friendly+funny
3. So friendly and is always happy and smiling!
4. Really nice, funny, always have a good laugh in religion.
5. So nice and friendly ->always in a good mood
6. Really funny and such a nice person
7. Such a friendly person! Always smiling and playing with glitter
*The reason why glitter is mentioned so much is that I’ve a tub of ’emergency glitter’ in my pencil case.
8. Kind, always smiling
9. So funny, and smart Lovely girl
10. Really nice and so funny
11. Really nice and so smart
12. So nice and always makes me laugh in religion.
13. So cool with your glitter pretty too
14. Pretty, kind and so funny in Irish
15. So nice to talk to, really smart 🙂 and pretty
16. Happy
*I always laugh that someone just wrote down ‘happy’
17. Nice and smart
We all thought this was a complete waste of time, especially in English class. But looking back on it, I’m really glad we did do it 🙂

Crow Drama!

On upon reading “The faults in our stars” by the amazing John Green while basking in the new Irish sun, I looked up to see three crows casually sitting on top of my basket ball net. None of them facing me. As the one to the very right took a step right, he/she began to slide down it and eventually resulting in it falling off, nevertheless birds can fly and he flew away.
The middle one then attempted to move towards the one on his/her (but assumably his) left side. The left crow gave off a loud squak to tell the middle crow he was not wanted, and tje crow backed off. Backed off so much that he too started to slide down the basketball hoop.

Not ashamed to say I fully laughed out loud at what was going on, but by the time I had my camera out, they all had flew away.

10 things that my generation will do that yours never did.

I saw a great quote on tumblr today. The first person said “I just realised, that the world today is going to be run by people my age some day, and we’re all going to be f*cked”. This was then followed by a second person answering “Yeah but at least gay marriage will be legal everywhere.”
And it’s true. And the more I thought about my generation running the world, the more deeper I to thought I got. So I made a list.

Things my generation will do/not do that yours did/ not did.
1. Gay marriage will be legal everywhere. You see people protesting. Who are they? Older folk. Unless they’ve managed to brain wash their children into thinking that people who like people of the same gender are spawns of satan. It is young people tackling for gay rights, because thanks to the Internet we can form out own opinion rather than copy those around us.
2. There will be no such thing as popes, or just religion in general. I’m not kidding. How many students in an end of final year class would be proud to put up their hand and declare they want to become pope one day. Well, you can count out all female. All gays. All with piercings. All with tattoos. All who drink. All those who’ve used the lords name in vain. All those who’ve disrespected their parents. All those who have been jealous. All those who work on Sundays. All those who’ve killed a spider. All those who’ve gossiped. Which narrows it down to how many?
3. School will be taught through computers. This isn’t really a revelation. I’m just saying their more efficient and children and teenagers want to and like using them. It’s already happened in some schools.
4. Terrible education systems with immense pressure will be gone. The people in charge then will have got there by immense pressure and hours of rejecting social outings with friends to study. If you’ve ever been through it, you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. One little grade can decide your future. And at the end of the day, you’re just another number on a piece of paper submitting memorised pieces of rubbish that you will forget the next day.
5. Connections with foreign people will enhance our lives. Keeping up connections with people all over the world is not only comforting, but beneficial. As well as keeping in touch with friends and family, you can invest in good advised holidays, or business plans.
6. Tv won’t be as terrible. All you hear on the Internet is complaints about “I miss the old morning cartoons” or “I miss the old Disney channel” or “what is this rubbish I’m forced to watch while babysitting?” With inspiring writers in the making shows will not be over trying comedies with fake laughs to tell the viewers that the scene was funny.
7. Exercise will be advised, not forced. We hate exercise because we ‘re all at different fitness rates. Yet fitness is tested in basically how long you can run for without throwing up with a barking instructor yelling you’re not good enough.
8. Children will learn true meanings in life by novels and will study them such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games instead of some dusty old writer you will never hear of again. I hate my English class because I’m forced to learn about these old white men poets writing about their amazing childhood with a stylistic language that will never be fluently spoken in an area again. Yet, I love reading. It’s my passion to get to know characters, settings and relationships. I learned more life lessons like; never be ashamed for who you are, change the world if you’re not satisfied, and never forget what you believe in from the likes of ‘The Hunger Games’ than learning about that one time a constable called to Seamus Heaneys house and he was a frightened boy because his father lied about crops in their garden and the scary Protestant would kill him in front of a crowd. Like, what kind of message is that even?
9. Children won’t dread going to school. There will be no dusty teachers there for the sake of it. There’s limited teaching spots and it’s survival of the fittest. The best and nicest teachers will get through because of their calling in life to be a teacher. They’ll want to help you, not just get paid. At least physical punishment had stopped in most places.
10. Bullying will stop. It will not be tolerated. We will rise up and do something, anything to prevent what happened to a childhood class member to our own children. We’ll be more in touch with our feelings, and know how hard it is to be accepted into society.

So maybe it’s just me trying to show you my utopia, but I’m pretty sure some of my above list will come through. Personally I feel that young people today are more in touch with their feelings by relationships with their friends. Unlike 50 years ago where if a man shed a tear, he’d practically be an outcasted weirdo for showing an inch of emotion.
One way or another, my list will come true. And if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

The Beauty of Words.

Even though I’m meant to be writing an Irish essay, I thought I’d share this story with all who would like to listen.
So we all have that one cousin who is so completely different to us in so many ways that unless something urgent is happening, no communication goes on. Well, maybe it’s just my family where I have over thirty cousins on my mums side. So whether or not his relates to you, I’m going to continue.
There’s only my sister and I in my house, with three years apart from each other. Like wise, my aunt had two boys-roughly around the same age as us- with the same age gap. So naturally we got shipped together a lot. (For personal preference, let’s call the oldest one D and the one my age T.) It’s a tad complicated but my sister and D never got as close as myself and T. Even when we were younger, I always resented that T wanted to hang out with my sister more than me because she was older and cooler and amazing etc etc. D kind of kept to himself more so than my sister, he knew how annoying she could get, and to be honest, she liked T more because her and D didn’t have that much in common. There’s still a time in my life where I remember an almost perfect moment.
It was quite early in the morning and my parents and theirs had gone for a walk. Neither my sister or T were morning people. After waking up, I head downstairs to the quiet house. However, there on the bottom of the stairs was D. So you’re probably thinking by now- what does a preteen boy have in common with a little girl? And that answer, my friend, is the love of literature.
I don’t remember the exact scene, but just remember the parents arriving home to D and I reading aloud to each other. Him helping me over the hard words. I think it was the first Narnia book and we read about a page each before passing it back to the other one. So we always had this connection, even if we didn’t talk to each other that much. Anytime we’d see each other we’d talk about the books recently read. And the thing is, no one else knows. No one else can share those wonderful moments with us because it just doesn’t happen if anyone else is around. Even up until this day, I thank him for introducing me to Wuthering Heights, and never regret a single page.
So don’t judge a cover by it’s book- there might be something inside you never picked up before 🙂