You never knew why you were never my friend
I could spot your inner you
Clouded by an aura that enticed people to you
Confident vibes given off
But I only ever saw you as mean

I know you tried to get close
I know you know I didn’t want to

Very subtle ways
That you weren’t used to
Trying to shake off the feeling
Of not being liked for the first time

You never impressed me
Much to your dismay
Of using big words
So others would deem you important

But big words are viscous
Laughing at those who didn’t know
Bluffing their way to get your affection

I know what it’s like to be attracted to a personality
Letting go of all gut instinct
Unintentionally being passive and naive
Vulnerable to be taken advantage of
I never knew how people felt that way for you

I watched how you acknowledged that power
And liked it too much

I’ve never been your friend
I’ve never told you why
Keeping my head above the water
Before I get attacked
By your viscous words
Or people pleasers who would believe anything
Just because you told them to


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