“One Day at a Time” Review

Recently, I was in need for a light hearted TV series that I could just switch on for a bit without thinking too much about it. I’ve binged on old shows before and have watched so many reruns of shows that I really wanted to just be absorbed in a new world.

On Netflix, I came across “One Day at a Time” and I don’t think I’ve ever had as much feelings as I experienced in those 13 episodes.

One Day at a Time is a Netflix original inspired by an old show. It follows the life of a Cuban family in America, along with their apartment owner. (Trust me- that’s not as strange as it sounds). The main character is Penelope who has two children and a mother living under the same roof.

Throughout the show, Penelope is represented as such a multi dimensional character. I hated how much it surprised me that a woman could be so well written. She is a veteran turned nurse who overcomes many fears as well as surprising events in her life.

Without spoiling any plots, this show is filled with modern representations of feminism that captured by heart. In very subtle but effective ways, it pointed out equal pay, coming out as being gay to disapproving and approving people, immigration laws, misogynistic standards, make up as a necessity rather than a choice, double standards, and misrepresentation.

I honestly fell in love with this show because of how they handled each one of these topics. Without each episode being a lesson, the morals behind each event were serious topics addressed with an element of fun and joking without being forced. The cast and dialogue felt so natural to watch and be apart of. Without engaging myself in the show, I felt like it was my comfort to watch and be apart of the experience.
I honestly don’t think I could speak more highly of this show. Of course it has its flaws like any other sitcom, but I felt like One Day at a Time took elements from the typical sitcom layout but really made it their own original story that was inspiring and fun to watch. It’s been a while since I felt like I could recommend a show to someone, and I wholeheartedly recommend this.

Oh… and I cried a lot at the end.


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