2017 -Rolling it

2017 marks my fourth year of blogging. When I was fourteen, I never really knew what I wanted to write, or how exactly I wanted to write. I just let my blog flow. I have “rolled with it” since 2013, and that has exposed me to many awards, nominations, blog squad friends, being able to do giveaways, and opportunities such as attending film premieres and being invited to openings in my capital city. None of this happened overnight, nor did it happen close together. But it happened. And it was fun.
I’ve been debating for a while what to do with my little space of the internet, but I am at a loss.

My first thought is that my actual blog is a mess. I don’t have a niche, which means it consists of different categories ranging from absolutely anything. Because of this, I maybe wanted to start a separate blog to keep my writing separate from my personal. However, it is the personal element of having my blog that has got me countless opportunities.

My second thought is to have another blog and use eimzpink as my brain vomit page. But everything I have ever done on the internet links me to “eimzpink” and it has become such a large part of me and to think about casting that to the side creates a huge online identity crisis for me that I really couldn’t handle.

I have  definitely thought about stopping completely. I don’t think I could ever delete my page, because it has documented my writing since 2013 and I love to see my progression. But ,I have thought about deleting it. Although I’m not embarrassed of my thoughts and less developed writing, I’m not proud for it to be presented as my writing in comparison to what I could write today.

For a year I kept a schedule, which I thought weighed me down with unnecessary stress. But when I stopped, I missed the routine of writing in my life. I knew I had to write or edit something but now I know it doesn’t have to be online on time, so I have more time to work on it. But I usually don’t want to, because it will never be “good enough”. I didn’t mind posting when I knew I had to produce something. Now, I’m constantly second guessing myself.

Although I wanted this years mantra to be “rolling it” rather than “roll with it”, I don’t think I can commit to taking charge of  what will determine my life events this year.

All that aside, I wanted to recap on the past year like I usually do in one post. However, my 16 goals of last year don’t have simple “achieved” or “failed” answers. I feel like each one has a unique story and story of acknowledgement in my life this year. So, I’m going to make a separate post about that list when I can. Maybe.

However, here are my 17 things for 2017.

  1. Finish University and Graduate
  2. Travel Europe
  3. Go on holidays with my cousins
  4. Be healthier and get fitter
  5. Go back to France
  6. Visit an Irish landmark
  7. Physically write more in journals
  8. Pick up my camera a little bit more
  9. Be more trusting
  10. Say yes to something that I would be too scared to
  11. Read, watch, and listen more
  12. Get a job
  13. Begin the process of getting my driving licence
  14. Treat my parents in some way
  15. Visit friends and family more often
  16. Stop trying to portray and maintain myself in a certain way
  17. Do more of what makes me happy

2017. Please be nice.


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15 thoughts on “2017 -Rolling it

  1. I know what you mean, it’s hard to have a blog that’s just everything. Definitely don’t delete your old posts, I find it so inspiring to look at the humble beginnings of really successful people! When you’re famous we’ll all love it 😉 Maybe some sort of project will make you feel like you have more direction? Like I’d love to see a series of posts about your travel, you could challenge yourself to do something with that!

    1. Ah Victoria you’re too kind!
      I really like the idea of a project though. Like I said, my blog is a bit of a mess and having some structure with my own flexibility of a project sounds really good to me. Thank you so much 🙂 Best wishes for 2017 ❤

  2. Dream goals: 2, 10, and 14. 2017 goals: 4, 7 and 12.

    I have been writing on my blog for a few years on and off and I’ve considered creating a new blog for all of my post graduation thoughts, but I decided to just rearrange my page a little. My mom told me to start a blog because of all of these cool opportunities I could get after I wrote a lot. Still haven’t seen it mom, but I like writing so it’s nice to see at least someone getting those opportunities.

    1. Good choices haha 😉
      Rearranging sounds like a good idea but I honestly wouldn’t even know where to start!
      Don’t worry at all about opportunities! Ireland has a smaller blogging community which makes it a bit easier to be noticed 🙂 But consistency is what is liked most, I found out!
      Best of luck in 2017 ❤

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