The You Before You


I know exactly who you are
As you are nothing new to me
I have already dealt with one of you before
In a time where I became absolutely knocked down
With no warning or apology
You may be feeling the same way

You never realised why I knew you so well

Oh darling
We met a few lifetimes ago
You have not changed

My feelings may be amplified towards you
But I know they are not really about you
They are about the you before you
How I could not end that like I wanted to
So I am choosing to end this
I am choosing to take power and control
Because I know exactly how it goes if I don’t

Trust me
I know exactly what I am doing

I remember the moment I spotted the you before you in you
It is an odd thing to think I was lured back to the same person
Correction – the same personality
Old habits die hard
Old feelings should stay old
In a way I was attracted to the comfort
The familiarity of knowing you
Sweetheart this was not new to me
You were not new to me
It was toxic the first time I knew you
I could spot the leak faster the second time around

The you before you was my warning sign
You were my mistake


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