More Love. Less Hate.

My brain is trying to process
How the world has so much cruelty
Fuelled by humans
Connected to each other
Who perceive life so differently
Without looking at each other
Without knowing each other
A life can be gone
Because someone wanted to take it
For no good reason
There will never be a good enough reason
I’m heartbroken
For families I have not met
Who have to suffer a pain I hope to never feel
Despite my lack of direct connection
I’m still grieving
For the girl who filled my ears with beautiful music, the people who just wanted to dance and an innocent child
So much potential and promise for a better world crushed by cruel minds
To be helpless is a horrible feeling
And I just feel horrible

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5 thoughts on “More Love. Less Hate.

  1. Hi eimzpink. So Nice to hear from you. It is said within us all the beast dwells. For most we show our humanity to others but some the rage arises. I long for peace and respect sadly that is a distant dream so the innocent suffer! Thank you for liking my poem “Hands Of Destruction!” Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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