Spectrum Spy

Red was never a violent colour to me
Filled with flashing banners or streamers
Rather passion and love and noise

Orange was always my sisters favourite colour
Due to her fiery hair
She never failed to wear it, even in her ‘rebel’ phase

Yellow fills my heart with joy
It reminds me of sun and my mother
All the things that brighten my day

Green stands for pride
For a county which will always be a part of me
Freshness and cleanliness

Blue is the colour of calm
Soothing seas with fluffy skies
Comfortable and always safe

Indigo was always the in between colour
Who no one really remembers
Which makes it kind of relatable

Violet bends most at the end of the spectrum
Shining through droplets of rain
The stuff I was fascinated with in Science class

I can see a rainbow
But you can see me

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 21.18.44

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5 thoughts on “Spectrum Spy

  1. I heard a majick practitioner on public broadcasting radio saying that bright red arouses passions whether anger or love. Green represents the growth of spring and hence prosperity and here in America it, also, happens to be the color (American spelling) of money.

  2. Thank you for reading from my blog.

    I greatly enjoy this exploration and expression about color. Blue is calm to me, too. More so, I appreciate what colors mean to you and why. You tell a story with each hue.

  3. I like the way your poetry flows, and the picture mixes with the story and glows. You seem to have spunk, ill tell my people to spread the word, would like someone with your set of skills to review my work, my blog is gastradamus, please let me know what you think, have a good day and keep it sport

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