Two Sugars Unsheltered, please

What if I told you it was all a lie?
My hair isn’t naturally brown
My nose wasn’t born this way
My body isn’t as bare as you think
But marked with a needle in a rebellious phase you never knew
What would you think?

If I could lie about my exterior
I could cover up my interior

What if I told you I don’t like my tea with no sugar?
Or too much milk
Maybe my favourite animal is a cat
Just like the one I grew up with
Before I met you

What if I told you I’ve always wanted children?
I just had to cover it up
So I could be protected
Because if I told you that
I’d have to tell you how I found out
I wouldn’t want to mention him again

How would you react?
If I told you I never liked the dark
Or spiders
Or heights
Would you think again about all those sleepless nights?
Words said with no walls up
At least on your behalf

I just want to see your reaction
To when I tell you
I created it all
Reinvented myself
Constructing a being based on surroundings
Which feel alien to me
Just for fun

Would you ask why?
Would you feel lied to?
Would you act betrayed?

But who knows?

I’ll never actually get the courage to tell you
I wouldn’t want to lose that power
Of exposing my whole self to you


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