Blooming Cycle

Gardens are envied when they are lush and grow tall
Completed with colours and smells and noises
But not everyone can maintain a garden so great
Sometimes there’s no choice
Maybe I’m not a garden

Trees keeps growing once they start
No need for bugs or bees to make it greater just like flowers do
Trees stay green throughout the winter
If leaves are lost they’ll grow back
Not stronger than ever
Just as frail to continue the cycle
Even if the fruits stop blooming
Maybe I’m not a tree

Dandelions shine a bright yellow
Given an awful nickname
Associated with the lower hierarchy of flowers
But bloom into something completely unique
That bursts and disperses
Keeping the life going
Maybe I’m not a dandelion

Then again
Not all gardens are maintained to bloom
Sometimes trees grow differently
Occasionally dandelions are picked still yellow

It doesn’t mean they never existed
Maybe I am one of these



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