The Poisoning

I’m sick of battling the poison inside my body
Everything in me wants to give up
Just so I don’t have to feel the pain
any more
Once I wanted it to mend me
But now I need to mend myself

The war zone I’m living in is caving in
But it’s well known that wars cannot be won
Rather, two sides are broken down
For what cause?
A moment of triumph? A moment of glory?
Or just a moment

I don’t mind sacrificing that moment
It means nothing when all I feel is cold
The toxin I’ve been fighting has always been there
Even if I didn’t want to acknowledge the uphill battle
Icy venom I’ve been trying to ignore
As I thought I needed it

I never wanted to admit it made me feel bad
Contaminating my brain since I was exposed
A hidden fear in the back of my mind
Infecting all the good thoughts I wanted to have
My safety net
My safety net hurt me the most

I have to take responsibility for my actions
A different kind of pressure was put upon me
I let the poison have a power over me
Even when I was told not to
Disregarding the ones I loved most
For the one I loved most


17 thoughts on “The Poisoning

  1. Great writing … the little bottle too ….agree with the comments above …..keep up your writing and NEUTRALISE that poison
    Ha! …take THAT damned poison!!!! She’s got folk on her side ….your getting outnumbered mate

  2. Ha Yes …..spew it forth in your writing ….writing with emotion as you do makes for powerful reading ….I really DID feel angry and want to ZAP that poison:D:D:D
    Pouring out emotion in writing is good ….and along with comments like those above that you have received will help to neutralise the damned thing …..I’m kind of visualising it now as that little bottle of whatever it is :D:D:D
    A really great post 🙂

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