You’ll always be the one

You’ll always be the one

The one I never gave a chance to
The one who I never struggle in a conversation for
Always laughing
Always easy
I can’t describe my feelings
I can’t put into words us
We are best friends
We are nothing more
I think I’m okay with that
I think of more sometimes
We will never evolve
We will never think of each other that way

I think

I feel a stab of jealously when you mention her
I feel like she’s perfect for you
That’s what you are to her
That’s what you aren’t to me
You are laugher and grins
You are imperfections which compliment mine
No worries
No regrets
But I know it’s nothing more
But I know it can’t be

I think

Others words have contradicted ours
Others only see one aim
Unthinkable to us
Unthinkable to her
I don’t know if I’m rational
I don’t know what I’m feeling
To me you are my sunshine
To me you are one of my reasons
However you’re not them all
However I’ve never thought of this before
Sometimes my mind wanders
Sometimes my heart beats a bit quicker

I think



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