“They are not play actors on stage like I was”

They don’t understand the actions and feelings like I did. They cannot grasp the idea to be so involved like I did.
The sad truth was that they were the new generation.
As I sat in my seat looking up at the stage that used to be mine, I cannot help but feel bitter.
They are there for the sake of it. Not for the passion, not for the rush, not for the thrill.
When I reigned, there was hardly twenty of us involved in the group. We formed it because we were lacking it. Not because it was popular or because we had nothing else to do.
I was there because I wanted to be.

I recognised three faces on the stage under all the spandex and fluff. The rest were just blurry sheep there to fill time and space. Acting has not become popular, a lust for fame amongst them has. Instead of  wanting to learn the art through passion and patience, they expect it just to happen. No journey. No process. Just like that.
The director agreed with me.
He said there is no fire since we left. He is just an authority figure to them as they are just income to him. There is no friendship, never mind a sense of family, like there used to be.

When I come here, I come home.
And my heart longs for the place where I discovered hairspray and had my first kiss.
It is home because it is a sanctuary.

But to these kids it is just a place to hang out.
There is no joy as they enter the centre.
There is no rush as they step on stage.
These kids are different.

They are not play actors on stage like I was.

Hi friends. As part of a weekly meeting of Writers Soc in NUIG, we were given a prompt which was a line from someone else’s story. I have no idea what context this line was used in, but I kind of twisted it. Recently I returned home to watch my preforming arts group put on Cats the Musical. From talking to the staff and watching the new generation just made me sad and reminisce on the glory days. However, it did give me inspiration for this piece, so I guess something good came out of it!


4 thoughts on ““They are not play actors on stage like I was”

  1. Honestly I relate to all of this so much. You do things for the JOY of doing it, not for the fame, not for the sake of it. You do it because you WANT to, because you feel happy when you do it. Singing, acting, writing, talking to people, ALL of that.

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