2016- Still Rolling with it

Like last year and the year before, I will recap on my sort of “resolutions” for the year. Allover it’s been a good year. Blog wise and real life wise. I hope everyone has a happy and safe 2016!

So here we go; 2015

Learn how to properly cook one meal, and have it as my signature meal.
I definitely got the courage to try more meals, but there isn’t one in particular which I call my own. I’d kinda find it rather boring if I had one predictable dish. I have no idea why 2014 me wanted this.

Finish writing a proper story.
Hahahahahah. Well. This is one of those things which always seem to be transferred to your next to do list. Whoops.

Write a letter to each of my friends who mean something to me.
I haven’t sat down and had a letter writing session. However, I’ve wore letters to my dearest friends on their birthdays which means something to them and to me. I think this means so much more, although I’d like to write cute little memory cards.

Make time for all my friend groups.
Probably my hardest task of 2015. Managing friendships. I’m trying, that’s all I can say.

Return to France.
I actually did this one! Hah!

Become closer with my cousins.
I definitely feel this has been the “most achieved”. I’ve travelled, had DMCs, cried a bit, gave a few non sober phone calls and movie nights with my closest ones.

Finish my first year at University.

Get some sort of a job.
Not done! Besides the occasional promo or helping out a friend I didn’t get a stable job this year.

Become more healthy.
Hahahaha. Well I don’t think I “failed” this one. I don’t really eat bad food, but I really should exercise more.

Get rid of negative people in my life.
Getting there. Slowly getting there.

Spend more nights going out with friends.
Happily done!

Have an amazing 18th birthday celebration.
I did indeed!

Make a video for each month of the year.
Although I don’t have a “month” video this year, I just have a long merge of the year. I guess that’s a loophole.

Go to a concert.
Orla Gartland how are ya!

Be happy.
Well there’s always ups and downs with this one. I’d to think I’m content with this year.

So! What do I think I should achieve in 2016? Let’s see.

  1. Put the camera down and be more present in the moment.
  2. Join a new society / Get a new hobby
  3. Keep a brain journal
  4. Be healthier
  5. Spend more time with friends and friend groups
  6. Go to a concert
  7. Leave the country
  8. Act like a tourist for the day
  9. Call my family more
  10. Buy a red dress for my cousins wedding
  11. Finish writing any piece- completely
  12. Have the annual cheesy movie night with those I love
  13. Learn how to do eyebrow make up
  14. Keep filtering out those negative people
  15. Travel Ireland more and take advantage
  16. Tell more people about EimzPink.wordpress.com

16 goals for 2016. Still rolling with it.



23 thoughts on “2016- Still Rolling with it

  1. Those are awesome 2016 goals! I wish I had a list like yours lol, as for the 2015 goals, seems like you accomplished every one of them! Hopefully you can cross off all the ones for 2016 too 🙂

  2. You should have in reserve at least one meal you can make well. There’s no reason there can be only one (I have about half a dozen fallbacks, including a couple of half-hour jobs for unexpected guests), but believe me, any dinner guests you ever have will appreciate any number greater than zero.

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