Good Morning

I always thought I was a night person
But as the cold afternoons come to a close I find myself looking more and more forward to sleep
When I once looked forward to the night
The moon would shine and the stars would twinkle and I’d stare up in awe

But lately I’ve anticipated just shutting off
Immerse myself in a fort of sheets and close out everything and everyone
Because I’d look forward to waking up
The foggy mornings I once dreaded now fill me with fresh joy
I used to keep myself up to at least 4am but now I set my alarm for as early as possible because I feel like I have a head start on the world
No one is aware
The love I felt for being on my own in the darkest of nights is replaced for the love I feel being the first to take on a new day
Instead of dreading a new day

Night comes and I’m tired
I’ve thought of the tasks not carried out
I’ve thought of how bad the day was
But at 7am no one has corrupted or ruined my day yet
I still feel fresh
I still feel invincible
For the first time in my life
I finally understood the meaning of

Good Morning


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