Grim Reaping

Not many people can say they played in coffin sheds
Neighbours and cousins all brought around to the house
Usually ending up with a game of hide or seek with seeing who played chicken when locked in
Later turned into a party venue by the ones old enough to sneak up there
It was a family joke to party at the coffin shed
A secret saying in the family home

Death was always normalised
Someone was always around the home wearing black
Sadness was never shied away from
People were always welcome as long as the kettle was brewing
We had to learn to believe in something after
Otherwise it was a cold household

The routine was known too well
We just never had to do it together
Death never happened to the home which saw it the most
Until it did
And suddenly everything is real

Denial and bliss were what we lived in
Forgetting the reason why the company was started in the first place

There was never a doubt of why we never liked the colour white

It was one of the few times our home was avoided

Almost seventy years ago
Our granddad wanted to make a change for the good in the world
Because he got treated badly when his wife was grieving the most

Two twin boys
The first out of 14
But times were different
Technology wasn’t best
My grandmothers heart was broken

Not treated as “real people”
No one had ever witnessed my granddad mad
He never wanted anyone to feel like he had felt
His change was spurred from courage

It’s in their honour that the company is still going today
Some people have firms and practices named after their family
We have our own wooden casket
Oddly, I would never change that



8 thoughts on “Grim Reaping

  1. Interesting. You grabbed me with the headline then kept me with the topic of coffins. I think it’s what you’re used to from growing up with. What’s macabre to one is normal to another.

  2. I and my two friends, the only children around, used to play hide and seek in the old barn that served as a coffin storage during the WW2. In the beginning of the 1960s, the roof caved in and eventually collapsed. The coffins were exposed to the weather and started to decay, but it was still fun and somewhat scary to hide under the lids. I have never heard of anyone else who has played in the coffins 🙂

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