The Ring Leader

I was always the bad influence
The sneaky friend
Leading them astray
With no motivation
And less study done
The parents wanted me away

I dared and I dreamed
And I brought them along
Encouraging thinking on their own
ID’s were fake for shots to take
A different life was shown

Work and school and work
Were priorities and cost commitment
No hair dye no piercings
With tattoos unthinkable
Rebellion was not permitted

But we developed and grew
Into people we knew
And people who were in command
Not forcing or pressuring
Just simple persuasion
As I just gave a helping hand

And so labeled a ring leader
From those early years
Which follows me to this day
Not an aim or a goal
Or a mind of my own
With anything good to say

Little they know
How much goes into a show
To make it seem flawlessly flowing
A duty was done
In the aid of fun
With consequences of their loathing

I was never a fool
And they knew that too
Which made them more terrified
I think
My friends weren’t zombies
Who relied on long legacies
They weren’t destined to sink

I’ll never convince them of the good I’ve done
Because they’ll never look past the past
I regret nothing
Because I did nothing bad
I just proved
My friends are there to last



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