Creative Cleanse

I will, one day, go back to the earth
Detox myself from the world
Learn to be happy with little
Not want for materialistic things
Actually relax in a safe place
I will nourish my body with all that is good
With all that is natural
Resulting in feel good because of this
I will stretch instead of tensing
Using the air as motivation
And breathe
I will appreciate more in life
As I watch the waves slowly drift away
While I listen to the soothing sounds
The constant hum in my mind and my brain
Will be no more
Communication will be social
Letters and conversations and scheduled dates
People I’ve chosen to surround myself with
As they are the happiness in my life
Because I chose to get rid of the weighing negativity
Which only ever loomed over me
And made my stomach turn with anxiety
But anxiety will be switched for butterflies
And all things wonderful and bright
Just like my own space
Filled with trinkets and nooks
Of experiences and memories
That make me happy
And still do
Memories made because I said yes
Because I had courage
Because I made a pact to myself to stop worrying
As worrying was not what I was made for
Rather, exciting anticipation
Which made me too excited to sleep
When I got the excitement back
I hope one day I’ll arise to the sunshine with a smile on my face
I’d like to share my happiness with the world
I’m just not happy right now
But I’ll be okay
Because I’ll learn and bring sunshine back into my life
And be content
I will, one day, go back to the earth

12 thoughts on “Creative Cleanse

  1. Yes .i hear you .it is possible to detox.
    Listen to Beethoven’s and select. It is like a menu.there are other items in the menu.try choosing something else.

  2. Superbly expressed. It is that “one day” that keeps me moving forward, somehow crawling just a little closer (I believe in the good moments, snort in derision on the days I slip down into my dark rabbit hole).

  3. The persona is a lonely one, his words evokes regret and wish, the pictures and the sounds he makes in my mind leaves me with no option than to take a deep breadth “hmmmm” I shall make good use of my stay whiles alive.
    Done well @Eimzpink

  4. Create your earth with each step and each touch for life is made up of steps and touches. Nicely written eimzpink. Remember, keep smiling at earth such that it smiles back ^__^

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