Still an innocent

Through the innocent eyes
Of a wide eyed child
Everything is wonderful and fun

No cares or burdens
Which consume all her thoughts
Just happiness, glitter and sun

I felt like her
For a long long time
So I understand her perspective

Oblivious to war
And hatred and unkindness
With no self hating objective

It was like a looking glass
From a decade ago
When I used to have one myself

To admire my hair
And fix my lip gloss
But now abandoned on my shelf

She has the same inspirations
And the same women idols
And the same love for pink

But years have come
And years have gone
She’s the first one to make me think

It was fun being a grown up
Surrounded by liquids, regret and smoke
But this is the person I never wanted to be

This is not the person I wanted her to be
Even though those bright wide eyes
Were solely focused on me

I had shame and embarrassment
When I saw the girl who complimented my curls
Before showing me her matching flower crown

I made a silent pact that day
I wasn’t going to let her
Or the looking glass down



12 thoughts on “Still an innocent

  1. Your words are beautiful. I followed you because I love your blog so much. Please write more things like this forever. Just gorgeous.

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