164 had a bright purple door
With a striped cat standing guard
Coffee stained handles greeted the way
To an apartment with an ascending spiral staircase

A shelving unit stood tall
With three different separate compartments
Photo albums, diaries and books
All of them touched and cherished

Two mud grey bikes blocked the fireplace
With a trail leading up behind it
Cat food placed at the end of the table
With a curious looking Betty with green eyes

The wooden floors could tell it’s stories
With it’s stains and it’s cracks and it’s dents
The couch corner near there was cosy
Which explained the empty box of chocolates

The kitchen was used
With almost spoilt milk and wedding cake crumbs
Lipstick stained mugs aligned the mason jars
Next to the life schedule hanging on the wall

The stair case led up to a master bedroom
With mirrors and green wardrobe doors
Chargers and shoes paralleled with the bed
There was no sign of mess, just life

It was like interrupting mid plot
To a story which wasn’t mine
But I’m guilty of stealing a book
From the creators paradise I dreamed of

Lived in by two loving souls
With big hearts and big smiles
And who are not greedy for anything more
Than 164 with a bright purple door


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