Today, Ireland had glorious sunshine! (Thank you Leaving Cert Exam weather!)
After spending all say outside reading, eating and wining with my dad, I tried to work on my tan. I’m still pale skinned so far, but there’s always tomorrow. . . right?

However, we, and by we…I mean me roping my dad into doing something…decided to make an exfoliating scrub.
(Yes, this is where DIWHY becomes relevant)

So we found granulated salt, put it in a bowl, poured in some olive oil and squeezed a lemon into it. Then after mixing it for a bit the scrub formed! (Like, kinda)

So after I used it on my legs and rinsed it off I made my whole family feel how smooth my legs were!

Things I learned from doing this:

1. There’s a reason why I’m not a DIY/Beauty Blogger
2. Sea salt goes EVERYWHERE
3. Use more oil to make sure that sea salt does not go EVERYWHERE
4. My dad tolerates me a lot, even when I waste most of his salt
5. My legs are now smooth
6. Using lemon causes the kitchen to smell like lemons

Here is a photo of some left overs I had in a plastic bag
(Lets not dwell on presentation…ok? cool)

I can’t really explain this post….


35 thoughts on “#DIWHY

  1. hey! Great read! Awesome photo! Thanks for the follow! Looking forward to your posts as well! Take care!

      1. Thanks and you too I hope the leaving cert is going well. I bet your dead stressed out.

      2. Thankfully that was all over and done with for me last year! But a lot of my friends are doing it and I feel stressed for them!!

      3. Yeah I just cant believe after three years of preparing for the junior cert its actually over tomorrow

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