It’s somebodies home but it will never be mine

I always dreamed of being a city girl. Like Carrie Bradshaw in a penthouse apartment who fills my day up with writing and shopping.ย 

I’m currently visiting my aunt in a city. Through out the year I’ve learned that I’m not a city person. It’s like when you’re playing out in the snow. It’s all fun and adventure in the winter wonderland, but when you return inside to take off your boots and get a hot chocolate beside the fire. Cities are snow, and my countryside is the warm hug you receive when you come home.

My aunt has a friend visiting from Africa, so we took him on a scenic tour of Dublin city. What made the trip so memorable was our visit to Howth. This man had never been to the sea side. He’s never touched sand or felt sea weed. And I suddenly had a newfound appreciation for the country roads that raised me.

He was so excited to learn about everything I took for granted.
What is a tide?
How do cliffs form?
Why is sand different colours?
What does the moon have to do with it all?

Teaching has never been my calling, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit of joy teaching him about the land I grew up with.

I have always had possessive side over “my” land. But I learned that you can relive the happiness through someone else’s eyes. And maybe that isn’t so bad.

I’ll never be the city girl I dreamed of once being, and maybe that isn’t so bad either.



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