Piggy in the Middle

I know I should be biased
But treat everyone as fair
I know I should be on their side
But their view I just don’t share

Two wrongs can’t make a right
And there’s definitely more than two
But who am I to tell them that
There’s not much I can do

I’m proud, I swear I am
Even if I can’t say it out loud
Hell, I’d shout it to the heavens
If I was ever allowed

I just can’t see their view
Or why they think they’re right
It seems so simple to me
But who’s controlling this fight?

I’ll never be able to express how I feel
Because all I feel is conflicted
I agree with them, but I don’t
Because these people are wrongly convicted

My opinion is not one many people share
Because most see black and white
I see why they’re wrong and why they’re not
I don’t think either side is right

8 thoughts on “Piggy in the Middle

  1. You are obviously a very talented writer. It was an amazing poem and it was so meaningful! Thank you for posting that. 🙂

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