When I grow up


 When Im 18 I’ll be able to vote I can give blood
And I’ll give back to the world I’ll be able to get tattoos and piercings without anyone else’s consent
Drinking will not leave me with unwanted guilt I won’t be a hypocrite for doing these things already

When I’m 18 I’ll know how to drive a car
I’ll be able to book a holiday
I will know how to rent a house
I’d be able to use an oven
I can get to somewhere I want to go
I will take studies seriously, if I take them at all

When I’m 18 I’ll feel confident
I won’t be living a lie
I won’t be scared to be judged by my age
I won’t feel so insecure over not knowing enough
I won’t feel like I have to constantly prove myself I’ll feel like I’ll become my own person
I won’t be over sensitive

When I’m 18 I’ll walk with pride
I won’t dismiss my opinions
I will believe that my thoughts are valid I’ll be able to act my age
I’ll think of myself as a capable person
I won’t have any hesitations
Because when I’m 18, I’ll know.


6 thoughts on “When I grow up

  1. I’m 19 today and this post made me think back at the whole year that just passed – it has been very exciting and I am very happy about my life right now. Thank you for making me reflect about my life! I wish everyone could always enjoy their time because teenage years never come back.

    1. Well Happy Belated birthday!! ❤ I'm honoured you spent your special day on my words 😀
      Im so glad youre happy with your life! That is so amazing!
      Definitely, I agree with you. These are some fairly strange years alright!

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