Red Buttons

I fell in love with a self destruct button
Who was anything but a sheep
Rather unusual to find
And impossible to keep

A wanderer and a wonderer
Was all I ever could be
I didn’t think much of it
Until your words said it to me

We were content in silence
With cheesy grins and messy hair
No one ever saw that side of you
Not that they’d even care

It’s weird to be in love
Whether with a button or a boy
Yet this button of mine
You played with like a toy

Engrossed by your thoughts
Or preoccupied with your head
Thinking back on it all
Did you mean anything you said

It’s hard to see your suffer
And pushing people away
To feel overwhelmed
For you is just an ordinary day

Maybe you’ll hit the red button
Or maybe you’ll pick up a pen
This pain is only temporary
Until we’re together again

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