Hopes for a better year

My recap of 2014 is coming soon. But while I was in the middle of that, I found my hope list from the start of 2014. Every year I do this, but this time I’m going to discuss it! It seemed so long ago writing it. Well, I suppose it was.

Don’t fail any of my mocks
Well, I didn’t succeed in this one! I came down with a throat infection and failed my maths and biology test!

Recover from my mock results and actually do good in my leaving cert
However, I didn’t fail anything in my Leaving Cert. I know I was much more capable of what I got. But hey, I got it!
Spend a whole night out with friends
I achieved this one! I spent a whole night outside in my friends back garden burning books and drinking beer!

To be healthier
I wouldn’t say I failed this, but I wasn’t too successful either. I didn’t become unhealthy, but I didn’t try my best to be healthy either. I’ve eaten take out more than I should have, but I’m not unhappy with myself.

To have a fab 17th birthday
This happened! It was pretty brilliant surrounded by people I loved. It had a few hiccups, but it was an overall good night.
Go to France with my friend
This happened. This happened and was perhaps one of my best experiences of 2014.

Spend a night stargazing
This didn’t necessarily happen in the respect that I dedicated a night to star gazing. But I have spent many nights looking at the twinkling dots in the sky.
Take a long roadtrip
I didn’t take a “long” roadtrip, but I was definitely on the road a lot this year! From all my travels, I’m still exhausted.
Go to university
I’ve completed this one as of September!

Be happy at university
This is a harder question to answer, but after a rocky first semester I think I can say that yes. I am happy in university.
Do something that makes my hair look nice
Hahahahahha nope. My hair is still a ratted mess! But I like it. So I don’t know if this is a success or a failure.

Learn how to do my make up better
Im a bit reluctant to answer this, but I think that I have perfected my liquid eyeliner. So yes, success.

Learn how to cook
Ahahaha nope! Still hopeless! But I made friends with some lovely cooks in college!
Finish at least one story
Nope! But with a Leaving Cert and University, I don’t blame myself.

Take my parents out for lunch
I’ve taken them many times, but I’ve never paid. That’s a goal for 2015.
Try to co operate and get along with my sister
Nothings gotten worse. I think we learned how to have an understanding with each other since we both live near each other.

Smile more
I don’t think I ever had a problem before, but I’ve smiled this year a lot. So, success!
Thank you all for an amazing year! Here are my goals for 2015.

Learn how to properly cook one meal, and have it as my signature meal.
Finish writing a proper story.
Write a letter to each of my friends who mean something to me.
Make time for all my friend groups.
Return to France.
Become closer with my cousins.
Finish my first year at University.
Get some sort of a job.
Become more healthy.
Get rid of negative people in my life.
Spend more nights going out with friends.
Have an amazing 18th birthday celebration.
Make a video for each month of the year.
Go to a concert.
Be happy.

Here’s to another year of rolling with it! ❤

6 thoughts on “Hopes for a better year

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty successful 2014! A lot of fun things on that list too 😀

    Best of luck with your 2015 list! Haha I’m tempted to put some of them on my own list… like the cooking one, and the getting a job one. And the letter to your friends one is so sweet 🙂

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