Silver vs Gold

There was always a phrase, “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold”.

Since college started, I have made some awesomely fabulous new friends. They’re so brilliant and lovely and everything nice in the world!

But there was no way I was heading to to uni and leaving all my friends behind!
The girls in the video are the girls who I’ve personally grown up with. Hell, I’ve known one of them since even before I started primary school! We were literally in diapers together!

Having this Halloween to catch up with them was amazing. I got filled in with all the gossip whilst we attempted to bake. . . well. . . something. . .

Yeah about that video. . . don’t judge! None of us are “domestic goddesses”. However, we do like spending time together with hula hoops, sombreros and music on full volume.

Some people might be embarrassed to have a video up of themselves looking as silly as we are. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I most certainly am not. This is the person I am. Anyone who views this will be a friend, a family member, or you. Since my friends and family already know me, I guess I’m trying to make an impression on you, fellow blogger.

So get in touch with me! Tell me if your friends are just as crazy and cooky as mine!
Because gawd knows I love them ❤

And I don’t think any words can explain to you how much I miss them!


8 thoughts on “Silver vs Gold

  1. Haha it looks like you guys had so much fun!! This is something me and my friends would do for sure 😛 Unfortunately they were all off somewhere else for Halloween, but we’ve had a couple weekends where we all got together to catch up, which was nice. Old friends certainly are gold and I wouldn’t give em up for anything 🙂

    1. I felt like I hadn’t seen them in ages, and thankfully none of them had anything on when I decided I was coming home for halloween and spontaneously invited them over!
      If your friends are anything like mine, we’re both pretty lucky 😉

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