I was never really a city girl. Sure, I had all the fantasies of living in a luxurious apartment overlooking street lights and artificial nature. I mean, who didn’t? The dream life was waking up, grabbing a coffee from an overpriced shop and zipping to my fantasy job.

I don’t even like coffee.

I currently live in a city. It’s handy. It’s close to loads of shops. It’s accessible and near any building I could ever want. I have giant yellow beams guiding my way home every dark night. It’s all very new and modern. It feels like christmas lights are always following me. All my friends live less than fifteen minutes away. I get to walk by the river each bright morning and each neon night. There’s always someplace interesting to be, or someone interesting to see. It’s impossible to be bored here

Yet. . .

Yet. . . I miss calm. Wow, I sound like the coolest college kid ever.

But I do. I miss the stars. I miss not crossing a billion traffic lights to get to one shop. I miss the sounds crickets. I miss the sky not having a constant orange hue due to light pollution. I miss no cars on the road or no lines to guide them. I miss having animals around me.

I’m happy, in a sense, that I’m in Galway instead of an actual big city. Galway is filled with lights and parades and excitement. However, it does have it’s own secret nooks and crannies which would only be there for those who look for them. They bring the peace back, even just for a little while. It doesn’t beat waking up to the sounds of a million birds, or counting the beams given off by a nearby light house to make me sleepy.

Galway is a pretty place. I just miss my own pretty place.

4 thoughts on “Home(sick)

  1. Wow, you can really lay on the poetic description. I like it. I live in the country myself, though not in Ireland. [Insert Unfunny Karen Gillan reference here.] Great post, like a… sunset… on the… moon…with candy? I don’t know, I’ll leave all that to you. Points off for the “Not liking coffee” bit, though. Even I have my standards.

      1. Hahah awh thank so you so much! You’re too sweet 🙂 And who would like coffee, ew 😉
        To be honest I wouldn’t even know if she was irish or not! Haha! 😀

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