My Debutant Ball Hairstyle



On the 11th of August, I had my end of school ball. (We call it debs, but it’s basically prom). Over all it was such a brilliant night, which I will definitely write in detail about. This photo is what my hair looked like, and I was so in love with it! It literally looks like the curls on tumblr or pintrest.

As a general update, sorry I have not been posting more frequently. In the past four weeks I’ve been on three planes, five 4 hour car journeys, three 3 hour journeys, had my debs and received my Leaving Cert results today. It looks like I’m heading to Galway this September. Wish me luck for my college offers next week! Even if I will be in Spain getting them, I shall try to post more! This is definitely one hectic summer, I can say that much alright!

9 thoughts on “My Debutant Ball Hairstyle

  1. Ooh look at those curls! Are you sure you didn’t just put a picture of a model up there instead? 😉

    I tease, it looks beautiful! 😀 Can’t wait to hear some of the crazy stories from your crazy summer! Hope you’re having fun 🙂

    1. Haha awh you’re too sweet! And I had a superman t shirt on the time, so I’m pretty sure a hair model would not wear that!
      Thank you very much though 😀 I hope your summer is just as action filled!!!

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