Let’s talk about. . . make up!

Recently, I was nominated for the Irish Blog Awards, 2014 (*insert cheering noises here*). Being the person that I am, I looked at each of my competition (ok…that sounds very serious! Oops) and realised that a good majority of them were fashion and beauty blogs. Don’t get me wrong, I know these bloggers work just as hard as I do on my blog! They were all just very similar. As a rule of the internet, is there’s a lot of popularity for blogs and youtube channels dedicated to fashion and makeup. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought, ‘was I wrong for not having the interest in something which a lot of my category had?’ I’d never pretend to know more about any part of beauty just to gain a few extra followers, but if there’s such an interest in it, shouldn’t I be interested in it too? And the more I thought about this, the stupider I was, because blogging should always be about a person passions. And beauty isn’t mine. 

It’s not like I’m opposed to fashion and beauty. I just don’t know much about it. Lord knows that I wear make up, and try to look as good as I can in clothes. I just know I’m not the right person to suggest beauty tips to. Some girls are exposed to the fashion industry at a young age. I was not one of these. I was always a “girly girl” when I was younger, but my mother or my older sister were not. Therefore, I had to discover the world of beauty on my own. I always loved nail polish though. I had a ginormous collection for as long as my parents can remember! My mum was the typical tomboy growing up. She was the only female on the football team for five years, and she cut her hair as short as she could as soon as she was allowed to. My sister just never had an interest. But there was a big difference in the two of them. My sister looked down on her own peers who wore make up. To her it symbolised the opposite of intelligence and degraded anyone who wore it in their daily life. However, as soon as my mum saw I had an interest, she tried to help me as best as she could. She helped buy me make up from recommendations she went to the trouble to ask for. After that, I was on my own.

I started to wear make up when I was about 14. I still remember buying my first mascara. It was for sports day in my school, as we got to dress up every year and that year we chose to be “rockers”. I was so proud of my little tubey thing of mascara. From there, my collection grew. My cousins gave me some products, and I started to get the courage to buy my own. I always felt so nervous going into a make up shop. I felt like I was getting judged all the time. I felt like I wasn’t educated enough to actually be allowed to buy my own products! Now, I’d just saunter in with not a care in the world! It took me a lot of years to not be embarrassed about wearing make up. It also took me a lot of YouTube videos!

The first time I bought liquid eyeliner, my sister told me I bought the wrong one. I refused to believe her and bought it anyway. The first time I tried to put it on, I cried because I couldn’t do it properly. I felt like an impostor of a girl because I couldn’t do a simple straight line on my eyelid. So I just cried. Eventually, after many nights of intense practice, my lines got less wobbly. And I know now that eyeliner isn’t exactly the easiest thing to apply! I just wish someone had told me that the first time I tried it on. It would have made me feel less like a failure, and more confident to do it again. 

I’ve only started to wear full foundation this year. Previously, I had just worn concealer or BB cream, but this year I took the leap and bought myself foundation! Even at 17, I felt embarrassed to buy it! But I now know that no one really cares what you buy, never mind judging you for it! My skin (thankfully) is not covered in spots daily, and is neither too oily or dry. So I’m pretty lucky and grateful for that! 

As for lips, I’m still venturing into that department! I usually wear something which is the exact same colour as my lips, so I’m not too adventurous there yet! Maybe one day I’ll have the courage! 

One thing I did learn from looking at all the other talented beauty blogs is that everyones style is unique. Which is an amazing message that each blog is giving out to young naive girls, just like me. 

5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about. . . make up!

  1. True! With or without – we’re all beautiful 🙂
    Like, I’m a teenager as you know, but I haven’t get gotten into make up. And that’s okay 🙂

  2. Hi Eimear (or should I say ‘Competition’) hahaha! I absolutely adored this post. I used to think that I had to incorporate beauty & fashion into my blog in order to fit in or to be read, and while I do absolutely love beauty & fashion, that is only the surface. There is so much more to a person that superficialities! Embrace your interests girl and flaunt your unique ideas 🙂 Can’t wait to read more from you. Oh and congrats on the nomination. This Blog Awards lark has introduced me to so many more Irish bloggers. Who knew there were so many of us out there?! 🙂 Charlene Xx

    1. Well that sounds awfully serious now, doesn’t it!? I’m so glad that people are reading this the right way, and not thinking I’m arrogent! Congratulations to you too! It’s very exciting, isn’t it? I can’t wait to read more from you either 🙂 I love your recent ‘Happy Monday’ post 😀 I love how we’re meant to be “competition”, but in reality all the awards have done is introduce me to so many new amazing people xD Thank you for your comment ^_^

  3. Thank you so much for checking out my blog! And congrats on the swipe & blog awards ireland 🙂 I know what you mean, as a fashion and beauty blogger, I don’t really understand it either, but this really got me thinking!
    Personally, I’m not a ‘girly girl’. All of my friends are boys, I don’t dress in a typical girly way. For me, makeup and clothes is a way of looking weird and putting crazy colours on my face and I like to share this love with the internet! My aim is to be the ‘niche’ blogger with the sort of kawaii/harajuku style I love. I just need more confidence to do so. 🙂
    Good luck, will I be meeting you Saturday?

    1. Thank YOU so much for checking mine out! You seem so lovely and I really wish that I was meeting you this weekend, but I’ve volunteered for my universities open day.
      I completley understand your outlook on make up. I really do think it’s such a fun way to express yourself! And the internet is such an amazing platform to share it on!
      Best of luck on Saturday and thanks again! xx ❤

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