Frustration fills my mind with fear 

I feel too stretched 

like I’m not really here 


my minds on the surface

yet I’m ten feet away 

trying to figure out something to say 


I’m wanted here 

Yet I long to be there 

and I’m kinda just floating everywhere 


I have too many people

who care too much 

yet I still feel like I’m causing all the fuss 


but isn’t that a good thing

to be loved by all 

even if my hair is fuzzy, and my height too tall 


still I’m not happy

because it’s not the whole me

just the me that I choose to be 


that is my own fault 

and for that I’ll take credit 

but that still doesn’t mean I can’t regret it 


I sit in my mind 

and let my thoughts stir 

I just wish things weren’t the way that they were


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