Oops, I’m outside

IMG_7968 IMG_3877

Oh look. I’m outside. That’s always fun.

So basically, I’m mid way through my exams and I haven’t left my house in longer than I care to share with the internet.
I know I should be grasping every minute to study and this week will literally change my life forever… but oh well.

I was upstairs in my room and looked out my window and I remembered that when my sister was doing her leaving cert (end of year exams), she always told me that I should be outside instead of on the internet. Of course I didn’t follow her instructions. But looking out that window-

IRRELEVANT SIDENOTE: my dad just locked me out of the house as he thought no one was outside. . . wow. .  .

So yes, looking out that window I actually understood what she meant.

But I know that I’ll forget about it all this time next week.

OTHER IRRELEVANT SIDENOTE: There’s many stray cats around where I live and they’re all meowing at me and I feel like I’m the one not be to be here…..
IMG_8388 IMG_5845
The first one has a white moustache but doesn’t like humans. The second one is my friend.


So I was rambling about some window strategy but I’ve kinda defeated the purpose of this post as it got dark and I had to go back inside.

I’m almost finished my exams.
I’m almost there.

I love writing this blog, I really do, but I just feel like I’ve kinda reached it’s full potential at this point. I’d love to move on to something new, but WordPress has definitely become my safety blanket. The dream is to one day become a successful YouTuber, but not for the fame. I LOVE MAKING VIDEOS. They’ve always been my passion, and this blog was started so I could dip my toe into the water of the public. It has been successful, there’s no doubt about that. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve been actively blogging for over a year, so it’s really interesting to go back to where I was this time last year and see how much (and how little) I’ve changed. My mind frame, and way of thinking has totally changed, and I’m starting a new chapter of my life soon. But hopefully that chapter involves making more videos, and making more online friends here. I have no idea where I’m going in life and the internet has thought me that that’s ok. I know this is my first blog, and very unstructured, and unplanned, and unscheduled. . . but that’s why I love it. It truly is my haven of procrastination. My comfort. My secret.
But who knows, right?


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