My music, “My” instrument


I have no doubt that any of you reading this can say that music changed their life.
-presumably for the better.

I am no different to this cliche.

Although it has saved me from being sad or wallowing in self pity, I cannot say that music has solely saved me from the likes of myself.

But this post isn’t about that, oh no. This post is about how I can’t even look at my ukulele without being drawn to it.
I believe that  every person has “their” instrument. Whether it’s guitar and piano, the most popular, or the glockenspiel, everyone has an instrument that they’re attracted to.

Like, you can tell the difference between someone who loves to play piano . . . and someone who just plays piano.

I started the guitar about two years ago. (I had played the classical and wooden flute and the the tin whistle since I was about six). I always wanted to try guitar as I loved listening to it, and I loved watching people play it. So I got lessons, I attended these lessons and well. . . I was just average. I could play it with no problem, and I found no hassle in learning off finger shapes. I just didn’t have the passion to play it like I thought I did. This sorta upset me as I was looking forward to it and I was bummed out that it wasn’t as fun as I thought it was. After a year, I stopped going to lessons as I knew the basics and could just learn things online by myself. And to be honest, it just sat in my room a lot.

However, last November I decided I wanted a ukulele. I knew I was getting a laptop for christmas, so I didn’t want to ask my parents to buy me this. Instead, I just talked about it non stop. Originally, they kind of laughed at me. I had a guitar, why would I need a mini version? But I would just bring it up in conversation a lot. I got them used to the idea. And so, when February came, I was visiting my cousins and I bought a ukulele! 

It was portable, fun to play, easy to learn, and cute to look at.
Instantly, it became my instrument. I have become so obsessed with it that I don’t even bother putting it back in its case any more. I could just be walking around and I’d think of a good chord progression, pick up my uke and play it, and put it back down again. It has just become a constant part of my life- and I love it. In less than two months, I had become better at playing ukulele than I did playing guitar. In fact, I tried playing my guitar a few weeks back . . . my guitar teacher would cringe at the sounds I made.

But I have found my instrument that makes me uncontrollably happy and want to listen and play and watch all at the same time. I believe everyone has “their” instrument. Have you found yours yet? 


4 thoughts on “My music, “My” instrument

  1. The ukulele is awesome! I’ve never played one, but I love the cool stuff people can play with it 😀 I’m not musical whatsoever, but one day I want to actually learn to play the violin. I’ve always had a sort of curiosity for it and I’ve recently been more and more sure that it would be something I’d enjoy. Hopefully it’s “my” instrument like the ukulele is yours!

  2. I love the ukulele! It’s so adorable!! I’ve never played it, but I would love to.

    I play piano, violin, and recorder. I have a thing with instruments. I pick them up so easily. Originally I attempted to learn guitar, but halfway through lessons I got bored. And I know what you mean. There is such a thing as YOUR instrument. It took me so long to realize that mine was singing, haha. I love to sing. I’m fascinated with the different voices in the world. The different notes. Singing seriously picks me up when I’m down on life.

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