Dear Ryan

Dear Ryan,

Although you’re hardly 9 weeks old, you’ve been through more operations that I have my whole life. Because of one of these operations, you’re currently sleeping over in my house with your mother, my aunt. I hope they’ve asked me to be your godmother by the time you’re reading it! (They’re leaving it quite late). However, if I’m not chosen, you’re missing out. I would have bought you toys and let you have ice cream for dinner! (But hey, I’ll probably do that anyway.)

You may be the last member of our family to arrive, but you’re the only one to keep the name after you get married! It overwhelms me being in the same room as you and knowing how much potential in the world you have. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve what you want!

You didn’t get to meet our granny, but I’m certain she would have loved you. She probably wouldn’t know what to do with you- as you are a boy! She could easily distract me from crying by letting me use her hair and make up equipment. She was very good at all that stuff. Except for that time she gave my sister and I matching bob hair cuts. . . that was a dark few months. She lived near where you are. The other cars on her narrow street always used to knock off her mirrors, which explains why there was always duct tape on them. She was a model. My dad still has all her magazines she was featured in. It’s in a giant box of our families history in our family house up north. A tradition we had with her was to eat Chinese take out in robes on the floor. Remind me to do this with you and your sisters when you’re old enough.

Since my uncle left it a little late to have kids, there’s almost twenty years between us. I’m currently in my last year of school writing this, and I’d like to share with you a few words of wisdom I’ve learned over my two decades.

Smile. The first rule, nice and easy, is to smile. Always find the light in times of dark and always smile.
Tests eventually end, and pressure eventually stops. Even if it feel like heaven seems so far away, and dreams are just a memory.
Appreciate your family! (which includes your potential god-mother). Never take them for granted, because gawd knows our fathers are no spring chickens! (as much as they act like it).
Go outside and enjoy the sun. Lord knows what technology will be invented by the time you’re my age. We’re only still working on 3D printing! But nevertheless, the fresh air will do you a world of good! Take up a few sports too! That can’t hurt.
Be nice to people. Although you might want to lose your head out of frustration, be nice. Be forgiving to people if they are genuinely sorry, and be accepting of those who are not.
Get rid of pessimistic people in your life. You don’t need them.
Take photos. Capture every important moment, you won’t regret it!

I could go on for ages, but then you’d never be able to learn your own life lessons!
In short, I love you with all my heart! I hope I’m the cool older cousin who your friends envy you for. I’m always here if you need me, and I’ll always make time for you 🙂

Lots of love, Eimear. xox

5 thoughts on “Dear Ryan

  1. This is awesome. If my older cousins had done this for me, I feel our relationships would be much different. I send positive thoughts to Ryan and his operations, and I hope you get chosen as godmother. I think you’d be fantastic 😀

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