My shell

Everything I say 

Everything I do 

Everything I think of 

Was mirrored from you 


I watched and observed 

From a very young age 

But everything you said 

Just put me in a cage 


You wouldn’t think it bad 

To pass a judgement or the look

Yet every word you said 

Tore through me like a hook 


But then you left 

And I finally felt like me 

I could grow as myself 

My own individuality 


It felt fun for a while 

To make up my own mind 

No breaths down my neck

No judgement to find 


But you came back 

Like I was expecting 

But something else came back 

Your everything 


So everything you say 

And everything  you do 

Came back to me 

Like a judgemental flu 


And everything you did 

And everything you said 

Still felt like daggers and swords 

So I  retreated to my bed 


So I sit and I wait 

In my own little shell 

Hiding the person 

I knew so well 


Because you shaped me 

I am who I am 

But I am that person 

Because alone…I finally can 



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