It isn’t a random photo I just found online that serves as my banner photo on my blog. No, it’s much much more than that. 


It represents freedom. The ocean is so huge, I can’t even comprehend it. The next stop from Donegal is America. (And as many times as we tried swimming there, no…it doesn’t work)

It represents friendship. See those three black bodies in the water waving their arms? Their two of my amazing friends who I’ve known since the womb. We don’t go to school together, so I never associate them with exams or pressure or stress. Every memory we’ve had together involves summer, sun, hills and water. They’re very like me. What you see is what you get, no point of useless drama and always honest. They’ve seen me from my very best to my very worst. 

It represents family. That’s what they are to me. That’s what the place is to me. If you could ever imagine a perfect utopia of happiness and bliss, I’ve found it. It’s where my ancestors are from. That very village. I’ve countless cousins and relatives up there who don’t care where anyone else has come from as they accept anyone with a kind heart. 

It represents nature. My heart aches to be near that sea. That sand, those hills, the rocks, the “boogyman’s castle”. Nothing else matters when you stare at the beauty of the world. Nothing else has to matter. 

It represents fun. And my goodness is it fun. There’s always been terrible coverage where we are, which caused a great thing called “imagination” to develop each summer. Whether it’s building our own go-karts and racing them down hills, or just playing hide and seek in the marshy landscape! We never wanted any more. 

It represents good. I’ve never experienced a bad day there. If I ever did, it would be a burden from where I had come from. This burden soon went away with a lil help from all my friends there. 

It represents stress-free. No school, no stress, no make up, no tight clothing, no designer clothing, no need to be the best, no need to be sad, no need to be worried… just the sense of completion. 

It represents happiness. From all the reasons above. 

It represents home. And you’ve no idea how much I miss it. 

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