Soul Bread, Poles and Ukuleles (MindRambles#3)

I get volunteered for a lot of public speaking in my year, as I’m one of the few who can actually speak to a crowd, (which kind of worries me a bit that we all don’t have enough confidence to speak to each other). But yeah, I had to do a reading at mass. I know I’m not the most religious person in the world, but when your 8 month pregnant religion teacher asks you sweetly to read, you respect her and accept. It was a weird reading that was like, “it’s ok if you don’t have money, come and your soul will buy your food”, (except a little less casual than that…) A note to future self- read the readings before you go on the alter.

There was a group of us waiting for our bus one day last week. Usually we wait on the right side of the road, and then cross the road when our bus comes over the hill. On a relating note to the story, I had my hair down. Imagine Hermonie Grangers hair in first year. That’s basically mine. A brown wavy bush of a mess. Anyway, we were crossing the road and I was talking to my friend and before crossing the road, I heard a bang and wasn’t able to walk forward. Of course he started laughing, and I did too once I had realised what happened. I had walked into a pole without noticing as it was a windy day and the hair was in my eyes. He apologised straight away for laughing, but I couldn’t blame him. “The perks of having long hair” I say before we actually cross the road together to get the bus.

It was my cousins confirmation last Friday. I got out of school early for it (wooo). She had originally told us all she was taking my mothers name, but I told her that the best way to get the most money would be to pick our grandmothers name (who we never knew). I honestly did it just for a laugh, but when the day actually came she chose our grand mothers name. I was honestly shocked because when I asked why she did, she shrugged her shoulders and told me, “because you told me to.” It was a strange feeling, as I’ve never really been an authority figure for someone. Besides her, I’m the youngest girl cousin- so advice usually doesn’t come from me. I’ve also only ever been surrounded by older cousins, so it was just strange to me that she actually listened to what I had to say. I was kinda chuffed inside though.

It was my friends birthday last Saturday. Unfortunately, her great grand mother passed away that morning so we went over early to make her smile. The day before, one of my friend and I were skyping and decided to write our own lyrics to “If this is Love” by McFly and I’d play it on the ukulele. So we did, and it made her cry with joy. That made me feel happy.

My french oral is next Monday. I’m absolutely dreading it.

One of my friends in my group in school has decided to ignore us all- except me in Irish class when it’s only the two of us. I don’t know whether to take this as her being fake to me, or as a compliment as I’m the only one she likes. Still uncertain.

My teacher sent me on a wild goose chase to find cameras, chargers, keys and tripods today. I was annoyed about how unprepared she was for a speaker we had in.



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