Ear Holes, YouTube Drama and Song Writing (MindRambles#2)

I have holes in my ears now. They weren’t there this time last week. 
On Saint Patricks day, my best friend and I went to get our ears pierced as we were the only people we knew who didn’t have them done. Ten of us in Claires with lollypops and stickers. Ah yes, lovely adolescence. 

There’s also been a lot of legal drama involving a few YouTubers I know of. I’m quite disheartened at the whole situation as YouTube was once presented as a safe haven where anyone can join for their interests. However, I do know there are many YouTubers who are still lovely, and genuine, and not fake. It is because of all these that I can look past the wrongs of the others and not loose faith in the people who only want to do good in life. 

It’s my friends birthday soon, and for it, my friend and I are re writing McFlys song “Love is Easy” to our own words. We’ve laughed so much over our horrible skills, but we got it done in a day and we have to polish it up tomorrow. It turns out that the words ‘seventeen’ and ‘lauren’ are extremely hard to find rhymes to. 
Our bridge consists of- “Oh I can’t believe that you’re seventeen, or that nothing rhymes with seventeen- oh!” 

Have a good week 🙂 


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