Irishness, Green Screens and Shameless Selfies (MindRambles#1)

I had this great idea to stick to my schedule for this week, however, I forgot that it is indeed Seachtaine na Gaeilge this week! So instead, starting on the 17th, I shall give you all some irish knowledge each day of the week. I really do you hope enjoy 😀 

I was looking forward to writing this all week, but as soon as this Wednesday morning came I became terrified as I had no idea what to write. But, I need to step forward and make deadlines for myself. Speaking of deadlines, I have my oral exams in French and Irish in less than a month. . . yes, that is ridiculously close. . .however, I’m currently blocking that out. >Cue Frozen song here

It’s currently Lent. I’m not that much of a religious person, but I’m mainly using it as an excuse to try and get my body healthy again after the christmas holidays. Trust me, it was that bad. 

I set my dog up an instagram account. She already has more followers than me and it hasn’t even been two days. 

I decided to take a few coding courses online when I was bored last week. And by bored, I mean not studying. I’m also in charge of camera work and editing in one of my classes for a speaker we’re getting in. Originally I was nominated to be the voice of my class, but I begged them to let me do camera work. Funny, usually people want it the other way around. . . As well as this, we discovered that the badly painted green wall in our 6th year room can be doubled up as a green screen! How awesomely awesome is that? 

It’s my friends birthday soon, and for it, my other friend and I are doubling up on presents. (AKA, she gives me money so I can buy twice as much awesomeness…. we do it a lot.) So this year I had the great idea that we should get our faces printed onto a mug for her. Funny idea, right? Well, I went to the shop to do it. Usually, you send it to them via wi fi. Unfortunately, the wi fi in the shop stopped working. “Luckily” for me though, we could just plug my phone into the system and find the photos by looking through all of my photos. I’m not going to lie. Yes, I have shameless selfies with my dog . Yes, most of them include silly faces. Yes, I have screen shotted a few of my friends faces from snapchat. Yes, yes, yes, I’m normal. You probably know where I’m going with this. Yes, the shop keeper and I had to look to embarrassing photos on my phone to find that one photo. (Which is also pretty embarrassing). It was fine though, the shopkeeper thought it was hilarious too. . . 


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