Orla Gartland, BriBry on Tour and Tim Chadwick Concert!

So it’s the last night of midterm and I’m slowly beginning to realise that. . . . .
However, I have the privlidge of going to an Orla Gartland concert in Dublin on the 22nd of Feb! It also featured music from BriBry and Tim Chadwick 😀 It was a brilliant night, and I’m glad after the disaster the night before. . .

So my friends and I headed up to Dublin to the Tea Party! (Because we were cool and pre booked the tickets!) We meet my three other friends in line and were absolutely freezing outside the Academy!



Orla was soooooooooo lovely it was amazing! We all had the chats and drank some tea and it was an overwhelming and breathtaking experience! My friends drew on a potato and gave it to her. It got featured on her facebook page! That was pretty freaking cool.

We then cued up to get a fab photo with BriBry!

He’s not actually as tall as he exaggerates 😉 He was hilarious though! He had to check every photo and made people delete if he didn’t like them! He even put a hat on because he didn’t like his hair!

We were then sitting down and we saw his fiance Candice! We spotted her and called over that we love her videos and then had a panic attack when she decided to get up and come over to us. She was so so so lovely it was unreal!

She literally chatted with us for like 15 mins and it was brilllllllllll.

So the concert started and Tim Chadwick was up first. He has an amazing voice and I’d definitely recommend checking him out.
Bri and Candice were up next (except she didn’t have her Piano so she just chilled on stage). Of course he was brilliant. He sounded so real. I still can’t get over that these people are real! BriBry stopped half way through a song and tuned his guitar and started again! It was hilarious and brilliant at the same time.

When Orla came on the crowd was amazing! Everyone there knew every lyric and it was basically like having a chat with her! She was amazing life, and sounded exactly like all her CD’s. She even jumped into the crowd with her Ukulele and had a jamming session!

She had a meet and greet at the end of the concert but the queue was waaaay too long to see her again.

Candice came over to talk to us again and that was amazing! And she explained that she didn’t have her Piano because of Egypt! BriBry was going the next day! She was so lovely 😀
She then was called to go somewhere and we wanted to take a photo with Tim Chadwick. Instead of actually looking for him though, we all stood there and shouted “TIM? TIM? TIM?” and like less than ten seconds later he turned around and was like “……yes?” and he was so sound. (Even though he mentioned his Facebook Page a lot ;D). So of course we took a selfie with him.


All in all it was a fantabulous night in the academy and it couldn’t have gone any better!


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