The night that never was…

So since we had our mock exams for the past two weeks, our debs committees (prom, ball, whatever) decided to organise a night out with all the local schools…. here’s how it went down… 

My cousin came over to help me put on tan, and eat some apple pie. My friend came over to to get ready. My mum drove us into where the buses were collecting us. It was quite funny because we stayed in the car to keep warm and then suddenly a car full of at least 7 guys pulled up next to them and more joined and I felt like I was in a Zombie Apocalypse with guys in ties. 
But we got there and everything was grand (but there seemed a waaaay higher amount of guys than girls :L). The buses came (there were 4 of them) and I was fine in my group. There was apparently weed on the bus but I’m pretty sure it was like parsley or some other grocer herb. We drove for like an hour to the destination except when we were almost there, the bus driver got a phone call that “the power was out”…in only that club and no where else in that area. Aka they were not letting us in. There was chaos on the bus over that! So the two guys who were organising it tried to calm everyone and said that they rang a local night club at home and they’ll try and let the ID slide. So we drove home, which took another hour. By now it’s like half 12. Anywhoo we got back home and the club didn’t let anyone in. (In fairness there was like 4 bus loads of us :L). Like they didn’t even loook at ID, they just said to keep walking.  So there were 200 students outside the club wondering what the hell do we do. So everyone tried different places but no one could get in any where because all owners were warned of leaving cert students. We wandered the town for a bit but it was like 2am and we just ended up in the local chipper as literally no where else was open (not even McDonalds xD). And in the end I just rang my parents to come collect us. There was so much potential for a fun night. . .  

On the bright side, I’m meeting Orla Gartland and BriBry today! And I met a really cool dude last night on the bus who’s also going! 

But I say it’s fair to say that my first time going out which wasn’t a teenage disco… was a failure… 
At least getting ready was fun! 

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